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Surprise! On Married-Cheating Websites, More Women Cheat than Men

Quick, picture a "cheater." You probably just conjured up an image of some cad stepping out on his girlfriend or wife (the key word here being "his").

Well, think again.

A new study flips that image around and shows that women are just as likely to cheat, if not more so.
In fact, a study by British "married-dating site" Illicit Encounters finds that there are 3.5 cheating women for every man online. The study also found that women are on these affair-seeking sites longer than men, staying on for a little more than a year as opposed to just over six months for guys. (Caveat: Guys usually pay to join these sites, while women ride for free.)

But the Illicit Encounters survey isn't the only one to find that 
women are cheaters as well. (It takes two to tango, doesn't it?) According to Redbook, one-third of the members of American married-dating site Ashley Madison are women.

What are some of the reasons women cheat? It's usually because they feel neglected or ignored in their primary relationship. Redbook spoke to a woman, "L," who uses Ashley Madison, and she told them her reason for straying outside the marriage was the fact that her husband's hidden financial dealings broke her trust so much that she didn't want to sleep with him anymore.

However, in a different breath, she also tells the magazine, "Nobody was ever going to be better with my kids than my husband," adding that this was a way to get back at him without hurting her children.

Points for creativity, we guess.

Source : Theinfostride

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