суббота, 8 сентября 2018 г.

The Rules Of Engagement

story in The Telegraph caught my eye this week. Apparently guys eat healthily at home and pig out on junk food when they are out of the house, purely to keep marital discord down to a gentle simmer. That explains the massive queues at the McDonalds drive thru in the morning, though research is still ongoing to explain the queues at Arby's.

It actually seems kinda sweet. The wife looking out for her man and the guy temporarily putting aside his preference for salty grease to make her happy.

That has got to be one of the most sexist sentences ever written. It has been a century or so for most countries since women got the vote, yet the underlying thesis of the research article quoted by the Telegraph is that "A woman's place is in the kitchen."

Still. Permit me a single silent scream of rage.

Dudes, take some responsibility for what you shove into your face. Gals, quit taking responsibility for every last little thing that happens behind the closed front door. Sit down, grow up and try talking to each other.

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